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Professionally built extensions for
your home.
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A tasteful, characterful and practical expansion of your home

The time often comes in our lives when we need more space. This can be because of a growing family, a business at home or just because you need more storage. Moving away from a house you've made your home isn't the only solution. An extension is one of the best alternatives, but there are some concerns: you're going to need to make

sure that your extension is built as a seamless and consistent part of your home. It's going to need electricity and plumbing. Extensions also need to be secure and well insulated. Davies and Welsh offers a full extension design and building service - with all necessary trades supplied.

Building your extension

A great deal of planning and co-ordination is required in the design and completion of your extension. Comprehensive and integral project management is an aspect is which Davies and Welsh excel. Because we provide and manage all required services from construction to internal

electrics, we can make a detailed plan right from the beginning. A Davies and Welsh extension will take shape more smoothly and quickly than many alternatives - and will become a much more pleasant addition to your home.

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